The Globe (Al Faisaliah Tower)

First of all, thank you so much for your prayers and kind wishes on this post. You guys are too sweet.

Now look at me, posting photos from an evening that happened atleast a month ago! Well, i have become something of a blog-procrastinator, to say the least. I guess thats what happens, when you goto too many places, take too many photos and sometimes forget bout it later or have too little time to work on it. BUT I would rather be late than never cause it gives me a nagging feeling if i dont check every item on my blogposts list. How did I put it on list if I had forgotten about it, you may ask. Mommy brain, my friends, mommy brain. The two words that let me get away with many things I neglect, or choose not, to do.

Sorry about the completely unnecessary rambling. If you are still reading, i promise the photos are good!

So while my parents were visiting, we were invited to The Globe, the signature restaurant located in the spectacular golden sphere that tops Al Faisaliah Tower. This destination restaurant offers some of the best panoramic views of the Kingdom’s capital, while you enjoy exclusive bites and fine dining.

It was definitely a memorable experience. Personally, I enjoyed the views more than the food. I am so glad we went for their hi-tea slot, as we got to enjoy the daytime views plus witness the stunning sunset and early shimmering lights as the city got ready for the night.img_1183img_1214img_1185img_1182img_1266img_1260img_1257img_1204img_1205img_1208img_1192img_1202img_1228img_1229img_1273img_1297img_1288img_1263img_1262img_1278img_1243img_1238img_1235img_1211img_1186img_1304img_1317img_1318

Now I am off to pack for a road trip! Have a happy weekend y’all!

PS, Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters and Riyadh Life .

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