Doha Photos !

I have a ton of photos to share from our weekend getaway to Doha, preferably before we embark on our next weekend adventure. I shared the video of our trip a few days ago, you can catch it here if you haven’t already.

We spent a few hours one morning roaming around Souq Waif. They had a huge section for pets and the boys just went crazy with excitement and didn’t want to move ahead. I myself was swooning over the bunny rabbits and was being cute with husband so we could maybe buy one, but he pointed out that we live in a tiny apartment and it won’t be feasible so i grudgingly let it go. Sometimes, its better to leave things out for the future. I see some pets in our future, I definitely do. The boys are in love with all the animals and I wouldn’t wanna deprive them of it.

Souq Waif was filled with all things vintage and crafty, colorful souvenirs and heirlooms, the kind of things that you don’t really need but you can’t resist buying (but i did! patting myself now). They made for really cool photos.img_2155img_2131img_2086img_2127img_2119img_2116img_2102img_2081img_2076img_2075img_2072img_2070img_2060img_2042img_2037img_2031img_2028img_2015img_2006img_1988img_1983img_2157img_2161By the way, look at these adorable faces bathing together in the hotel room. They are so natural with each other, heart melt for this Mama all the time!img_1902img_1901img_1910img_1936img_1963img_1711img_1705img_1693img_1686We went to Villagio Mall, which has just the coolest European-Inspired architecture and shop-fronts, with pastel hues and french windows. There is a small artificial canal down the middle between walkways and you could enjoy a gondola ride too! Pretty amazing.img_1766img_1768img_1812img_1804img_1787img_1799img_1775img_1777img_1826img_1816img_1781img_1806Some photos from Doha Corniche and a few by the hotel pool below:img_1752img_1735img_1731img_1732img_1728img_1722img_1717img_2347img_2331img_2323img_2352And finally, some photos from Katara Beach! Gosh, looking at all these photos makes me feel we might have gone for a week or so.img_2210img_2278img_2284img_2239img_2216img_2270img_2267img_2260img_2246

Thats it for now! 🙂

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  1. Great pics of the souq-Wakif!
    Did a post on Doha as well few days ago on my new blog if you’d like to check it out..


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