Weekend in Qatar :: A VLOG !


Hey you guys! I was away from the blog for the good part of last week, first due to some traveling and later due to  some laziness. But now I am here! We took a road trip to Qatar last weekend and it was a lot of fun! It happened to fall on our 6th wedding anniversary and believe me when i say that we didn’t plan it this way, but were happy that it happened :). Weekend trips are my new favorite just for the ease and spontaneity of it all, the sudden rush and excitement, not too much planning, and then easily falling back into the life-routine after a crazy couple of days. Also i get a weird sense of accomplishment when i can fit all our clothes and stuff into a mini suitcase.

Doha was such an interesting mix of culture and modernism. The high rise buildings with modern architecture, speckless roads, the dazzling views of the harbor, the souqs, the turbans, the abayas. The throngs of foreigners living and dressing freely as they wish.

The open environment appealed to me greatly after living in riyadh for the last 5 months. Just the thought that i could drive was enough, although the right-hand/left-hand switching does throw me off, cause i am someone with such a bad direction sense that i have serious difficulty pointing to the street-front while standing in a random room inside the house.

It took us about 8 hours from home to hotel. We stayed three nights here, and then drove back with lots of fond memories and aching muscles. Cause in a typical ‘us’ fashion, we were too busy having fun and doing this and that, that we forgot to take break and just be.

I have made a little film of our weekend adventure, have also mentioned the places we visited. I have put in some extra love in this one and its one of my favorite travel videos I have made so far. The best part is all the silly, giggling moments the boys share together. It melts my heart. I wish their bond just grows stronger and stronger. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

PS, our Melbourne story in a video  and  30+ hours travel to Melbourne in VLOG .

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