GOLF-ing with Nana Jee ..

My parents came to visit us last month and stayed for a few weeks. Family time is always just the best! Highlight of their visit was definitely our trip to Makkah together to perform Umrah but more on that later. Right now I just wanna share photos from one evening when we went to Riyadh Golf Course!

Baba plays golf every day and its a big part of his daily life back in Lahore. So it was only natural that he went to play here too with a friend of his one day and asked us to tag along, which we happily did. My boys are crazy about any sports being played and will always participate in the most passionate way. I see a professional cricketer in Hamza one day (Inshallah), and he is not so bad at Golf also ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Photos from the beautiful Golf course down below.img_1055


img_1127img_1114img_1138img_1093img_1095img_1096img_1124img_1132img_1135Azaan putting the ball in the hole with his hands and baba cheering him on! ๐Ÿ˜€img_1142img_1111img_1099

Also, Boys doing house chores and Summertime .

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