Rainy Riyadh!

You guys… weather in Riyadh these days is GORGEOUS!! Its raining! Its actually raining in this part of the dessert. I am such a sucker for rainy weather and my luck had been so cruel in this matter: spent last 5 years in Karachi where it doesn’t rain, save one odd week whole year. And then landed in the Arab Land with the same or even dismal prospects of rain. I was told by some that it does rain here occasionally but i didnt believe them, i dont do well when my rainy-dreams are crushed so I maintained this don’t-care-about-rains attitude. But its nonstop rain for a few days now and I haven’t done much except smiling like a fool, filling my cup with steaming tea every few minutes, cozying up in warm layers while binge-watching Gilmore Girls (when that annoying Peppa is not hogging the TV), and thinking about my mom’s winter soups.

Winters and I, we dont do well together. It gets in my way of being productive cause all I wanna do is curl up in comforters and eat ALL the food. Its makes my babies sick and my toes a freaky-purple color (i hate purple!). But i would take winter any day with this intermittent pitter-patter of raindrops on my windows and the earthy smell that comes with it.

Anyyyyways….. I don’t know what I am doing being up at this hour and giving you guys this totally random weather update. But tell me, do you get as excited about rain too, or you behave like normal, respectable adults?

By the way, I am reading this book on my phone these days while sobbing occasionally into a tissue. It makes me wanna lock myself up in a room and only come out when I am done. But sadly, diaper changes and dinner duties come in my way.

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  1. Yes,the sight of rain in the middle east could either bring you joy or chaos! While its good to see raindrops, its also brings out the crazy traffic.I don’t know why in Kuwait before, a slight rain could block up the roads, I had to be stranded for hours for a 10 minute ride going home. They panic at the sight of rain.
    Enjoy the nostalgia!


  2. SunDust says:

    This post reminds me of the time I spent curled up in my bed with a book during rainy seasons in Riyadh. Beautifully written. ❤

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    1. Abeer says:

      aah.. you described a perfect, most sought-after scene. 🙂

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