Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters

Yesterday I stumbled upon these photos from summer. From back in July, actually! And realized that I had never shared these before on the blog. We had just moved to Riyadh and between setting up the apartment, we would sneak out to explore new places every weekend.

One such weekend, we went to Diplomatic Quarters, which as the names implies, was originally built for all the foreign embassies and their residences, but now everyone can live in it.  It covers such a vast area that it seems like a small town once inside. It boasts some of the best sports facilities in the city, including swimming, riding etc.

We weren’t sure if we will be allowed to enter or not since we were outsiders and I had heard mixed reviews about it. On weekdays, you can easily say that you are going to an embassy and they will let you in. On weekends, you can mention the sports club or one of the many cafes inside. Luckily for us, we were never stopped or questioned the two/three times we have been there.

Once inside, it seems like a totally different world, away from the hustle and bustle of city and speedy, rash traffic. Its lush green and beautiful, serene and quiet. The parks and courtyards seem rustic and untouched, almost hidden. I remember standing there and feeling like I am transported to a completely different place.

It is optional to wear abaya once inside. Although I didn’t push my luck and wore it for the most time, but once inside this park, as it was empty and it was really hot that day, I hesitantly took it off.

Some photos from the first time we visited, down below.



Some iPhone photos from that day.


Also, Park hopping and a little family video in Riyadh.




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