Great Ocean Road

Hey guys! Finally I have a blogpost to take you through our Great Ocean Road journey back in Australia. It took me forever cause I had family in town and a lot other stuff going on, but I am finally on it!

I remember browsing online and noting down places before the we headed to Australia as I always do before any trip (lists are important to me! whether i check them off or toss them out at the end doesn’t matter, but the act of making lists is where the fun is for me!), looking for places around Melbourne to take a road trip to. Husband suggested Great Ocean Road, and I am so glad he did cause I hadn’t heard of it before. Even looking at it online blew me away and I knew we had to go!

Taking that road trip was one of the most magical and beautiful experiences of my life. To be surrounded constantly by ever-changing but breathtaking landscape… I couldn’t have enough of it. It was like, you are standing at a cliffside facing the beach at one point and you take a turn and walk 5 minutes and you will find yourself in thick rainforest or near a misty waterfall. Have never seen such diverse landscape as of Victoria, anywhere else in the world. With vast ocean and cliffside beaches on one hand, picturesque planes with cattle farms in the middle, and thick rainforests and waterfalls deep in the jungle on the other hand. All so close together and in perfect harmony.

We didn’t rush through it like day-trippers from Melbourne who are in and out of the area in a day. We wanted to spend a week but then settled on 4 days as we had to head back to the city and had limited time. We rented the most beautiful cottage at Apollo Bay, it was very very hard to say goodbye to that place. Me and the husband are often still day dreaming about it together, going over the tiny design details and all the comfy touches. Words will not do, you have to see the photos for yourself! They are just iPhone photos taken in a hurry but the character of the place peaks through the graininess.


From Melbourne we set out on our Great Ocean Road adventure, experiencing one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. We saw the towering 12 Apostles. We got up close to the native wildlife, kangaroos, koalas and once an Emu too (who was just the cutest thing btw). We walked through rainforests and sat beside waterfalls. We drove past fat, healthy cattle on dairy farms. We got up close to limestone cliffs and the crashing waves of the Southern Ocean. We immersed ourselves in the Otway Ranges, taking in the birds-eye view of the Rainforest. We left the main coastal route many times and took the longer, winding, narrow routes through thick jungles and lush volcanic planes.

And now to the photos, which I find the most beautiful set of photos from the whole trip! I have also worked really hard on them, brushing off some skills in Photoshop to bring out their beauty, so show some extra love guys! 😀img_0780img_0330







Finally on the way back to Melbourne, we took a leisurely stop at Geelong Waterfront for a few hours, kids had a good run, there were carrousels and jumping tents involved, and an indulging lunch. A few photos below.img_0878img_0874img_0869img_0856img_0855img_0845img_0846

Check out our Melbourne video and more posts about Australia here.


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  1. What a beautiful feed of photos Abeer! your roadtripping sounds exciting and looking at these views, looks like you had a blast. Did the children enjoyed it?
    Family travels are treasures at this stage, later on they will look back on your journeys together.


    1. Abeer says:

      Thank you so much Christina.. Yes it was really beautiful and we all enjoyed a lot. obviously with kids, you have go at their pace, stopping once in a while, or NOT stopping while they are napping in the carseats so as not to disturb them. But its worth it, so worth it 🙂


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