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Hello friends! So happy to be featured on the popular Parenting site ExpertParenthood.com . I did an article for their magazine on Traveling with Little Ones. Cant seem to access the online version of magazine due to some technical issues, but the article is now up on their website too!

Here are a few excerpts from the story.

“Travelling with a little one (or two!) can be intimidating and exhausting but it can also be really fun and memorable if you have got the right tips and tricks up your sleeve on how to survive it. Personally, we love to travel with our boys and after many local trips and a few few international trips down our belt, we have learned a few things that help us travel more smoothly and with fewer freak-outs.”dsc_7878

“Kids are much more adjustable then we give them credit for. Chances are there will be some late nights and early mornings, naps cut short or maybe no naps at all.  The walk along the beach or an indulgent dinner might not have to end early for sleep every time. Take comfort in knowing that once you return, schedules and sleep will slip back to normal. Some of the best memories are made when things don’t go as planned.”dsc_8092

“Splurge for a room with a view if you can.  This makes a lot of sense with babies and young kids as there are bound to be those days and nights when someone is a little bit unwell, too tired to go out or too sleepy after skipping that nap.  So if you have a room with a view, sometimes just ordering room service or getting a takeout is just the way to chill out and call it a day.  Also, staying in an area where there’s stuff to do within walking distance is a huge plus.”1233095_4862889029802_1426003707_o

You can read the complete article here here:

Travelling With Littles

Let me know your thoughts and I would love to hear if you have some more tips for traveling with kids. I am always up for it 🙂

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