We rode the Puffing Billy!


How is everyone doing?! I am so stoked at having my parents in town for a couple of weeks! Nothing better than having family around and seeing them goof around with the boys. Can’t wait to show them around the city and go on road trips together. Fun times!

Gotta keep this blog rolling, and the only time i get to work on it these days is when i am picking H from school, sitting in the back of the car.

Felt appropriate to share photos from a day of a little excursion we did with family back in Australia. Of the time, when we all had a bit of old-fashioned fun and rode the Puffing Billy!

Puffing Billy is Australia’s favorite iconic steam train and is one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. This century old steam train is still running on its original 25 kilometre mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook, through the beautiful forests and fern gullies of the Dandenong Ranges.

The open-sided carriages are the best way to see the stunning views and you can even dangle your legs over the side of the carriages – if you dare!

The views of the hills and valleys were stunning from the train. The most amusing part was how everyone we passed made it a point to stop and wave to the passengers on the train. Be it farmers herding their cattle, or old couple going for walks, or families riding their bikes. It was just the sweetest thing! We didn’t pass a single person who didn’t stopped and waved at us for a good few minutes.

It was around 3 hour return journey with a few stopovers on stations. The kids specially had a great time, sitting in the windows of the carriage full-time, spotting the farm animals we passed, as the train puffed and hissed while spiraling its way through forests and valleys.

While it didn’t do anything for the adrenaline but i love this kind of slow, peaceful excursions, with breathtaking natural views that changed with every turn, the clug-clug of the steaming train, and familiar smiles all around. What could be better than that? 🙂

Photos from this day are some of my favorite photos from the trip. Also, I had to thank all the readers  who have said  that they loved my photos from Australia so much, they can’t wait to visit soon someday! That feels so sweet and special if i have managed to inspire you in some way. (and for those who have asked, yes the photos are real, it really was that pretty as i have described or captured, haha!)img_0232img_0236img_0260img_0245img_0290img_0270img_0261img_0194img_0212img_0154img_0285My husband, ladies and gentlemen, had to do this DDLJ pose. I am just relieved he didn’t ask to do it with me.img_0140img_0135img_0122img_0127img_0155img_0152img_0115img_0119img_0070img_0063img_0059img_0058img_0075img_0080Haha, looks like Bhai is taking a selfie, but he is not.img_0055img_0051Favourite photo, yes!img_0092img_0084Always the monkey.img_0081img_0185img_0186img_0208img_0205img_0045img_0036img_0034

Thats it for now! Love y’all! Have a great weekend (for those in the Arab Land).

PS, If you are in blog reading mode, see more of my travel posts here.





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