Royal Botanical Gardens


On our last day in Melbourne Central Business District, we went to see the Royal Botanical Gardens. Located on the south bank of River Yarra, just alongside the city centre, the place seemed magical! I am actually at a loss to describe it beauty, it was so serene and peaceful and stretched for miles on all sides, with the scenery changing every few hundred meters, and pretty little Victorian cottages dotting around the gardens all over. Just felt right out of  a classic British novel. I didn’t want to leave 🙂

We explored just a few parts of it, i do wish now that we could have seen more. Well, something to go back and do, when we do.

I am gonna leave you guys with some photos from the Gardens (and when i say some, you know i mean LOTS :p), while I go and prep for a weekend road trip! I hope you all have a great one! xxximg_9952-001img_9895-001img_9912-001img_9916-001img_9846-001img_9842-001img_9837-001img_9823-001img_9815-001img_9809-001img_9804-001img_9851-001img_9854-001img_9827-001img_9825-001img_9830-001img_9855-001img_9856-001img_9861-001img_9865-001img_9873-001img_9886-001img_9889-001img_9789-001img_9793-001img_9896-001img_9904-001img_9913-001img_9932-001img_9933-001img_9934-001img_9937-001img_9944-001

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