Around South Bank/River Yarra


Hi! I have a new set of photos from Melbourne to share with you guys. This time from Southbank which is Melbourne’s bustling waterfront hub, renowned for restaurants, public art and stylish retailers. We didn’t plan our itinerary for the day and just walked alongside the river where it took us. And it took us some pretty fabulous places! One of the best days I had in the city.

There are some pretty interesting art galleries, creative centers, modern art museums and theatres around that area. It was so refreshing to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne CBD and take a leisurely stroll along Southbank Promenade. There is so much to see and do here. Quite apart from the glorious river and city views, there are numerous cafes, shops and fine restaurants, as well as outdoor art sculptures and street performers watched by locals and tourists alike.

The weather was a bummer for the first few days we were in the city, pouring and chilly most of the day, but sometimes the clouds shifted and the sun shone. And my God, how it shone! It all looked 10 times more beautiful in the golden light and it used to get really warm so fast that I couldn’t believe we had our coats and jackets on a few minutes ago. I guess thats Melbourne for you.

After having chased and fed a lot of pigeons in the area and gotten our wiggles out, we set out to explore National Gallery of Victora (NGV), Pollywoodside (which was closed that day but we got a good view from outside and Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium, in addition to stopping at a few cafes for coffee and food.

Some photos below :img_9185-001img_9193-001img_9197-001img_9205-001img_9218-001img_9221-001img_9227-001img_9240-001img_9243-001img_9245-001img_9247-001img_9250-001img_9253-001Spectacular view of Flinders Station from Yarra River.img_9256-001img_9264-001img_9262-001img_9268-001img_9277-001img_9285-001img_9288-001img_9305-001img_9307-001img_9299-001img_9331-001img_9338-001img_9350-001img_9362-001img_9366-001img_9370-001img_9375-001img_9383-001img_9386-001img_9403-001img_9408-001img_9414-001img_9423-001img_9418-001img_9436-001img_9444-001img_9437-001img_9462-001img_9456-001img_9487-001img_9491-001img_9495-001img_9508-001img_9520-001img_9532-001img_9534-001img_9554-001img_9559-001

You can see more of my Melbourne photos here and here .

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