Exploring Melbourne :: Part II


Going to share our next batch of photos from Melbourne. One thing that I wanna put down here before my Mommy brain loses it forever is how loving, friendly and welcoming locals were to our kids. First couple of days, i got many stares hauling the double stroller on the streets and once i started noticing, I didn’t see much babies around anyways. Naturally, people with kids generally bring up their families in suburbs rather than the heart of the city. And there we were, with our very loud and happening boys, matching the pace of all the fast-paced,busy city walkers, hopping on and off the city tram many times a day, chasing and feeding pigeons any chance we got, lunching on pizzas at the street-lined cafes, braving the rain showers and cold while being out and about all day.

My boys are very lucky that they were greatly loved in the city anywhere they went. People would be so amused by the pair of them and we had so many sweet little interactions with the locals doting on our kids. Specially elderly couples that we would bump into tramps or cafes. And they would make it a point to come to me and tell me their thoughts on the boys, haha. Once while we were in the city tram, I wasn’t even looking and an old lady was busing being entertained by watching the boys being silly in their stroller. There was a tap on my shoulder and she says, “Beautiful boys! and so well behaved!”. I almost did a double back that whose kids is she talking about? Mine? well-behaved? hahaha. I smiled politely and thanked her, all the while secretly praying to the heavens that the boys don’t start acting like monkeys until we or she gets off. Cause my boys… they can be a handful, to say mildly. 😛

Once they were again in the stroller, and someone commented, “Are they twins?”. Although they look quite similar sitting side by side in that thing, but with Hamza growing like a weed these days, they surely look nothing like twins! They do BEHAVE often like twins though, with Azaan always acting far above his age, and hamza still acting like a 2 year old at times.

Anyways, get ready for lots of photos of the city and our family 🙂img_9987-001img_0005-001img_0028-001img_9995-001img_9984-001img_9979-001img_9785-001img_9682-001img_9678-001img_9612-001img_9702-001img_9724-001img_9737-001img_9609-001img_9562-001img_9579-001img_9582-001img_9693-001img_0007-001img_0012-001img_0013-001img_0021-001img_0023-001img_9998-001img_0031-001

Even the garbage cans had some sort art going on about them.

You can see my last batch of Melbourne photos here.


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  1. Madiha says:

    Love these pictures. You don’t look like a mom of two. And you captured Dr. Seuss’s quote that I is my life motto. Look forward to reading more of your stuff!



    1. Abeer says:

      Aww thankyou so much madiha for dropping by! I love that quote too. So positive and full of hope 😀 well your compliment made my day for sure.
      Will be updating this space with more travel posts soon!
      Looking fwd to checking out your blog once my little ones give me some free time.


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