Happy 4th to my Shining Boy!

Hello! I have been away from my home and laptop for a couple of weeks (details coming soon). And just logged into my blog to discover lovely messages from some readers and fellow bloggers. And even though I am finding it really hard to get back into the blogging groove after a couple of weeks of traveling and with so much stuff pending over my head at the moment, i still just wanted to sit down for a while and write something. Cause blogging keeps me grounded and connected and i feel a little bit on top of things if i document my thoughts somewhere.

Before I go into the details of our travels, I have a few pending posts hanging over my head. Well, everything else can stay pending but this one particular occasion was very special to our family and it cannot remain undocumented on the blog.

My first born, my baby, the tiny person who made me a mother and who gave me the biggest joy of my life, turned 4 years old earlier this month. Feels unreal at how super fast those years went by! He is so smart, and funny, and witty. I love him like i love nobody else. 4 seems a little too big a number for the chirpy, dreamy boy that he is. He brings so much light and love and a whole lot of giggles to our family.

We had a little breakfast celebration for Hamza at home first. He loves donuts and also had a Donut Birthday cake last year so its kind of a tradition for us now to get him Birthday Donuts. I put up a few decorations for him the night before and made his dining chair extra special by tying helium balloons to it. He was really surprised and excited see all that when he woke the next morning. img_8011img_8017img_8023img_8029img_8033img_8039img_8046img_8048img_8053img_8069img_8071img_8084img_8082img_8092img_8094

For his birthday gift, we made sure to get him Buzz Light Year (ToyStory character). He wanted to get Buzz Light Year since many months now and his excitement at unwrapping his present and finding Buzz in it was just something else. And then throughout the day he kept saying, “I love you Mama” from time to time, haha. Worth all the extra bucks and hours spent on finding the space guy for him. He surely had the best day and was just the happiest kid to be. Love that smile, aah!img_8208img_8213img_8215img_8191img_8183img_8176img_8174img_8118

We then headed to a park and called some dear friends over for some cake and pizza. Kids were busy hoola hooping, bubble making and throwing the ball around while we just chilled for a few hours. It was a no fuss affair, but one with lots of laughters and good memories.

The first stop we made on way was to get more balloons for him which made him so happy, he could barely contain it. 😀untitled-export1untitled-export2img_8272img_8270A few photos from the park celebration with friends.134untitled-export4untitled-export610img_8265img_8282img_8321img_8396img_8386img_8408img_8411img_8409img_8430img_8474Happy birthday my boy with the shiniest of eyes and the most gorgeous smile and a loving heart!
Your Mama xx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. mumdiarycom says:

    Such a lovely post Abeer. Happy birthday to your sweet boy and lots of good wishes for his future.


    1. Abeer says:

      Thank you so much for the love! ❤


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