Dinner at PIATTO

These days dining out at a nice restaurant is a rare thing for us cause i feel my kids are not made to be seated quietly in a semi-lit room with lots of knives, fancy china and sharp table corners. They are more of the jumping off the walls, climbing the trees, rolling around the slopes kind of boys. And who am I to tame their adventurous, wild spirit? Not that i possibly CAN even if i try. So I have stopped trying,to be honest. I will just let them grow out of this rowdy stage, always running two steps ahead to stop them from bumping into any cars and stuff, and just wait patiently for my time a few years down the lane (fingers crossed) when I can again peacefully enjoy the fine dining experience.

Nevertheless, I am always on the lookout for a kid-friendly restaurant (other than the fast food chains all over), with some kind of play area of activities to keep the kids engaged while we can (at least try to) enjoy our food in peace.IMG_7486IMG_7487IMG_7484

The other day I found out about this Italian restaurant called PIATTO. If I have to pick one cuisine to cook and eat 7 days a week, I would choose Italian. I could go on and on about it but I think i would save that for another post and focus on this restaurant for now. PIATTO, being among the top Italian restaurants in the Kingdom, offers a relaxing piazza dining experience with fountains, a vespa display and an outdoor dining setting. Serves fresh pasta, pizzas and homemade gelato in all kinds of flavors. Bright yellow umbrellas scattered around the place, passage ways disguised as narrow alleys, cobbled tiles on the floor, large posters of beautiful Roman architecture and picturesque Italian views. IMG_7506IMG_7523IMG_7499IMG_7500IMG_7497IMG_7494Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 presetThe thing that I loved more than the authentic Italian food and environment was that the kids were equally involved in the experience. Kids are offered to make their own pizza and they get free gelatos from the bar, they also get an activity kit filled with lots of stickers, colors etc which keeps them busy before the food comes. There is also a large play area where they can play and jump around for a long time to tire their little bodies out before heading out.IMG_7510IMG_7511IMG_7519IMG_7521

While the kids were busy with their activity books, we were offered complimentary bread and a huge bowl of salad and although I am not a salad person but it was seriously so good I finished it all off.IMG_7526IMG_7586The bread was well received by the kids too, haha.

While we placed orders for our main course, the kids got to top their pizza as they liked. IMG_7530IMG_7538IMG_7543IMG_7555IMG_7559IMG_7566IMG_7567IMG_7571IMG_7572Tasting along the process, why not!

We ordered meatball and buffalo mozzarella pizza, and Goat cheese, pesto and sun dried tomato Ravioli. IMG_7578IMG_7580IMG_7581IMG_7594The food was really good, i specially loved the meatball pizza with leaks.

After dinner, we refilled our drinks and took the kids to their play area where I think we sat for a solid hour cause the kids were busy having too much fun and made friends around. I wish I had a photo of that area too but i think i made a couple of videos of them jumping around. And took this selfie with the husband 😉IMG_9275Lastly, we head to the gelato counter to get the kids their free icecream which they licked away happily while sitting in their outdoor space, and then rushed to the fountain to splish splash from where they had to be forcefully removed and buckled up in their carseats 😀

PS, my laptop got a bit angry with me this week and spent sometime in a workshop and I have so much catching up to do on blogging.

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