Park-hopping and Playtime


We were having one of those weeks where we would return home tired-to-the-bone with happy smiles plastered on faces. With sand filled shoes and hair (SOOO much sand, it wasnt even funny). When the kids are rushed to the bath first thing after entering the door. Quick showers and bedtime stories and MANY(!) bottles of warm milk make way for deep deep slumber and happy dreams. We were exploring a new park almost everyday. We would just be out for a quick trip to the stores to exchange something, would take a different route and would stumble upon a new (to us) park and then we would have to get off the car and join the families already picnicking there. We are so intrigued by the culture here!! Any park or open area you go, families would be there with chairs, picnic blankets, kids cycles and cars, food baskets, the whole setup! Their car boots open and stuff just keeps coming out haha, even to the most ordinary park.

Azaan will often join their party and would come back to us holding snacks in both hands and munching away. Most of the time, our kids play with others there but sometimes Hamza will imagine that some kid was harming Azaan in some way and so the super-protective Big Brother Instincts kick in to save Azaan, only to shove him into the sand a little while later.

We took some photos one day as mostly we were out during night and I wouldn’t bring my camera. Below are some from Al Nahda Park.

IMG_7228IMG_7230IMG_7232IMG_7282IMG_7292IMG_7237IMG_7248IMG_7254IMG_7255IMG_7260IMG_7322IMG_7324This photo of Azaan captures his true spirit. No kidding.IMG_7357I love how their cheeks get blushed to the most gorgeous shade after just a few minutes for playing around.IMG_7370IMG_7372IMG_7364Thats his angry face if you can’t tell, haha. Lately, this angry face is making quite frequent appearance during a day. Ooops.IMG_7376IMG_7332Below are just a couple of quick photos of the Salam Park which don’t do justice to it at all. I just loved being there. Will be going again soon and hopefully do better at capturing it the next time.IMG_7595IMG_7607IMG_7602IMG_7611

The next few photos are from King Fahad National Library Park, which was beautiful. I can’t wait to go back again in daytime some day.IMG_7397IMG_7389IMG_7378IMG_7423IMG_7406IMG_7408Token of snacks from strangers at the park.IMG_7416IMG_7421IMG_7429IMG_7435IMG_7437Have so much stuff pending to share and document here. Badly need the summer break to end and school to start to get some routine back in our lives. But till then, I guess we’ll be sleeping in till late mornings, and park hopping in late evenings. Which I don’t mind at all, haha. It is the good life 🙂

PS, Summertime and Riyadh Life .



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Qurat Ul Ain says:

    love looking at your weekend photos. keep having fun :). Oh, How I miss middle east and its culture.


  2. mumdiarycom says:

    Can’t wait for the weather to get better and take my toddler to the parks. This will be the first time for us and we are not familiar with parks and park culture here 🙂 Very excited!


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