Boys doing House Chores

I have got my house chores sorted, haha. As you can see in this little video that I compiled from a few random clips of my boys cleaning and scrubbing the house. Please no one call the child protection services on me, they love to do it on their own hehe. Keeps them busy and keeps me amused. And i also think its a good way of instilling some responsibility in them. When they are being good, they clean up their room and put away their toys in baskets. Its a small step but I plan to assign them some real tasks around the house in a couple of years. Hamza is actually really good at helping in the kitchen even now. And he loves to set the table. Something that i never taught him. But he definitely thinks that everyone should have their own coaster under their glass, haha. He is strangely very particular about that. I really want to do some kid-friendly recipes wit him soon if a certain 1 year old lets us without poking his head into every possible thing. As for now, linking the video below from my youtube if you would like to see. 🙂

Till next time. xx

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  1. Thats a great idea to teach them about responsibilities and household chores, i believe its its not only the responsibility of a female gender to do house hold chores 🙂


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