Making it home …

Its been a couple of weeks for us  now in Riyadh and the days are just passing by in a whirlwind. I was able to unpack most of the boxes in the first week, got the wardrobes in some kind of order. My first priority was to get the kitchen functional, and I did just that on our very first night here after the kids were in bed and every muscle in my body was also screaming for a long, well-needed rest. But I persisted. Went into a mind-over-body mode and took down the haphazard contents of the kitchen cupboards, did some scrubbing and cleaning and restored some kind of order in our small kitchen for us to wake up the next day and only think about what breakfast we want instead of sorting through clutter to find a dish or a spoon. Phew. For me with little ones in the house, the most basic thing is a working, no-fuss kitchen.

The strong desire to have a functional kitchen may have pushed me to my limits to go beyond my strength and do it in a couple of hours in one swift motion, but I wish that kind of productivity and energy had made its way through other corners of the house too. Cause it didn’t. Between feeding and bathing and entertaining two toddlers all on my own (after several months of having constant help from family) in a completely new and foreign environment, I consider it a good day in my book when I get to eat all three meals myself. Its an extra special day if I get to wash my face and run a brush through my hair (don’t judge please!). A toddler can go from a happy stage to a tantrum stage in just about one millisecond and then it becomes a domino effect sometimes where they would both get out of my hands in no time. Therefore making sure they are well- occupied and intrigued at most times of the day has become my top thing, everything else can wait. And really they do reward me for that later by their sibling playfulness and laughter and so much love (and hugs) that I am often able to finish up a quick task while they tickle and giggle and play together.

Husband and I are having a splendid time setting up the place when we are able to sneak an hour or so from the kids. Its so much fun to do it with someone who is as interested in getting that perfect storage cabinet, or obsess over the size of the living room rug or the number of mugs that we already have (haha!). I am in that state of mind where I desperately want to reach to the point of completion where everything is properly hung and stored but also don’t want this phase to end as it promises endless possibilities and gives us a free pass to dream and materialise. Well obviously, no house is ever fully DONE and its always a work in progress but I will definitely give the biggest sigh of relief when ours is a somewhat proper, fully functional place in which any item that sits as clutter for now will have a nice, quiet home of its own. Feels rather poetic to talk about stuff in that way, but oh well, my kids are sleeping (and snoring!) in the next room and with a half-drunk hot cup of tea by my side and a promise of a long night’s sleep ahead of me, I am allowed to be a little dramatic.

I hope to do an apartment tour soon here, when the chaos and mayhem subside a bit. But right now I should be off. Before I regret it in the morning with droopy eyes and a sore body that refuses to wake up and attend to super charged toddlers on a mission to take the house down block by block.

PS, Hello from Riyadh and A little Blog Intro .

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  1. All the best in setting up your new home. Waiting to see more of it.


    1. Abeer says:

      Thankyou so much! Soon inshallah.


  2. soulpaletteblog says:

    Oh my, my husband and I just moved and it was quite the ordeal!! We don’t even have kids! Best of luck!!



    1. Abeer says:

      Haha! Yeah its tough no doubt. Thankyou!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome to Riyadh! and goodluck to your new is it going so far?
    Starting a new life abroad always hard at first but soon you’ll get a hang of it.


    1. Abeer says:

      Thankyou so much! Its been a few months now and we love it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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