Hello from Riyadh and some Shake Shack!


Hello! Its been a little quiet around here on the blog lately. Thats because we have just moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last week. We are settling down, unpacking boxes, scrubbing the apartment, giving a new home to all our stuff, cherishing our old keepsakes and picking up some new things to add to our abode. Its new and exciting and terrifying and exhausting, all in equal measures. But mostly we are loving it and couldn’t be happier to be together again as a family of four. Our apartment is small but cozy, our neighbourhood has a lot going on around, and the city has a lot to offer and we can’t wait to be done with this settling down phase and be out and about exploring its nooks and corners and embark on those long dessert drives that we have been dreaming about for the past few months.

The boys are just so ecstatic all the time to have their Daddy back! 🙂 The little one goes “DAY DEE DAY DEE” all day long. Yesterday, daddy surprised them by visiting in his lunch break and their eyes shone with all the sparkle in the world and their happy smiles weren’t wipes off their slobbery faces for the longest time, haha. Its good,  we are grateful.

We celebrated Eid here with a nice lunch together at some friends’, drive around the city and amazing fireworks later in the night right next to our place.

I actually just wanted to pop in and share some photos of that one time around Eid when we visited Shake Shack. Located at Tahlia Street which is an important fashion and shopping street in the mid-town Riyadh, we had a nice experience and enjoyed our time.

shake shack menucomplimentary icecreams at shake shackWe were served the most delicious and richest complimentary ice-creams that we haven’t stopped talking about.azaan waiting for food(He is a little too sensitive to the change in weather and environment, runny nose and all. BUT that elbow dimple and those cheeks! Also can’t believe how many new words he has picked up from us these days.)shake shack burgersWe ordered their Smoke-shack burger and the Shack burger and crinkle-cut cheesy fries.crinkle cut cheesy friesThese fries were the clear winner. I am itching to go back to have them.azaan eating friesshake shack riyadhI love this photo as it depicts the culture here so well.shake shackshake shackLove these guys.tahliya streettahliya streetI hope to pop in from time to time to share life around our apartment and out n about in the city, but i am usually so swamped in housework and managing kids that it gets difficult to make time. A little love from you guys will help me push myself :)

Till next time. xxx



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aimen says:

    Ohh no doubt they have the best cheese fries 😍😋


  2. Yuuummyyy! I love Shake n’Shack..beautiful photos!


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