My favourite stage is now.

The day I found out I was having another baby, I earnestly started waiting for the time when both my kids will be past the baby stage and into toddlerhood and not needing to be held and watched over every second. When they would chase each other down the house while shrieking happily at being caught, when they would play hide and seek behind the curtains, when they would ride on their little car together without me holding one for support, when I could put them in the shower together and finish up a quick chore around the house knowing fully that they are happily washing each other up and doubling with laughter in between at the silliest of things. When they would watch a movie together eating the same food from the same plate. When story telling and book reading would reach a new level as the older one would narrate to the little with actions and all. When they’ll be a team and have each other’s back. And on and on and on.toddlers readingtoddlers playing in watertoddlers movie time

Till AZ reached his one year mark, they couldn’t relate in the same they do now and my heart is just brimming with joy to see them bond and love so well. Its everything I have ever wanted, truly. I don’t care where I am, i don’t care if I have eaten or slept or showered, I just feel at home and most content with these two fluttering around me. Well of course I need my downtime and thats what naps and bedtimes are for. I am sacrificing on sleep way more than I should but I can catch up on it when they are older? I don’t know, we’ll see. Right now, I am just happy. Dark circles and all. But happy. 🙂

(And I don’t even know if this post makes any sense as I just wrote it on my phone while feeding them dinner but I just felt I had to let it out. And I am compensating the lack of more words and a clearer idea with cute photos of them, does that count?)

PS: Motherhood and On having two boys .

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