Let’s Paint Eggs !

You know what I love? Bright, colourful, messy, painty pictures. Nothing better! And with summer break upon us in all its glory, I am always looking for new ways to keep my pre-schooler busy and somewhat occupied for a bit of time. Its either this or the whole house resembles like a tornado just went through it. Ahhhh…. all that rugged, untamed, exhaustless energy!

Anyways, fortunately for me he LOVES to craft. And was very excited to try this egg painting when I told him. We made our own paint using food colours but thats the story for another post. I am pretty blown away by how the paint turned out to be. I chose the consistency I wanted and it dried out to become so beautifully textured! egg_painting14

All we needed was a carton of eggs (i emptied half the egg shells but left some just like that, fortunately only one broke), paints (homemade or store bought), a few paint brushes and a splash of creativity 🙂egg paintingSwooning over these painted egg photos… The eggs turned out so beautiful specially once the paint dried. Now I have to find a way to decorate with them. Photos below.hand painted eggshand painted eggsHe LOVES the green color these days, all his colour books are monochromatic with green pastels, markers etc.painted eggsThat red turned out so rich and shiny! Loved it.kids painting eggskids painting eggshand painted eggsegg_painting11kids painting eggsHappy little artist.kids painting eggsegg_painting23I loved the thickness of paints. So good for smudging and blotting.hand painted eggsAfter he was done with the eggs, he spent some good half an hour painting the carton. And I am so glad he did! The painted eggs complete with the rustic carton looked nothing short of a piece of art.kids painting eggshand painted eggsegg_painting25egg_painting31egg_painting32egg_painting30

That was an hour well-spent! We managed to do all this with the minimum amount of mess possible. If you try this just spread a rough sheet below and let the little artists do their thing 🙂

What do you think? So pretty, no?

PS: Confetti Affair and Little Astronauts .

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