A Confetti Affair

Hey guys! I have an extremely fun project to share with you all that I did with the kids a few days ago.

Summer holidays are upon us and the days seem never ending at times. I for one go extremely stir-crazy if I don’t have a few projects lined up to tackle. While I was working on something else, this idea just popped up in my head to make loads of confetti and then let the boys go wild with it.I mean since confetti is something that instantly gets throws up in the air and then its lost forever after that instant, I wanted to have a TRUCKLOAD of it for them to play for as long as they like and however they please. I also wanted to have the material, colors and size of my choice (not a fan of that shiny, tiny specks of confetti). baby with confettikids playing with confettidiy confetti

Making confetti is one of the easiest things to do, specially for someone like me who borders on OCD and gets such a kick out of doing things in a precise, perfect, systematic way. The best couple of hours i ever did spent, haha.

All you need is a few sheets of crepe paper, colors of your choice. And good quality scissors. And then just go nuts with the cutting. I am a creature of habit so I had to cut each sheet the same way in the same size which I am also showing below. I was surprised to find how much tiny confetti pieces I created with just one crepe paper sheet! It really was a lot. A couple of sheets in a few colors of my choice gave me TONS of confetti! I really was so happy with the result. Such bright, funky, colorful confetti! I m pretty sure i m gonna make this the next time i m having a party and just throw some on the floor and other random surfaces cause look how pretty!

kids crafting and making confetti
He is such a good little helper and his scissor skills are amazing. Fun little activity for kids.
diy crepe paper confetti

And now I apologise in advance for bombarding you with confetti photos of my kids.

boy playing with confetticonfetti photographylittle boy playing in confettikids playing with confetticonfetti photo of kidsconfetti photographybaby photo in confettibaby confetti photographybaby confetti photographykids photography with confettikids photography with confettikids photography with confettisibling photography with confetti15baby playing with confetti1718little boys playing with confettiperfect confetti photokids photography with confettiAt the end of the session, my cousin came and i took a couple of photos of her too. I wish she had come sooner and I could have a girl in the photos too.

kids photography with confetti
I just cant get over Hamza’s expression in this photo.
confetti is in the airconfetti rain

kids jumping in confetti rain
Boys jumping in confetti rain

kids in confetti snow
Confetti Snow 🙂
kids in confetti rainbaby playing with confettilittle boy jumping in confetti snowkids jumping in confettikids throwing confetti arounddiy confettidiy confettiSeriously, how pretty?! I won’t be getting  over these photos any time soon 😉

I would highly recommend doing such easy yet so fun activities with kids. Just let the kids be kids for a while and enjoy the pretty mess (oops).

If you are interested in taking confetti photos of your kids or yourself, and need some help with the camera settings and location to shoot, let me know in the comments and I would be happy to share my thoughts on it.

Until next time. xx

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  1. Lovely photos..Its always good to see kids smiling and having fun.


    1. Abeer says:

      Thankyou so much!


  2. Faiza says:

    I really like the activities you do and how nicely you pen them down. Reading youre article is alot of fun and the way you share youre secrets so it could help others is a very sweet thing to do. “Share care”. I like all youre pictures too. Its very hard to delete pictures even though if their the same . Anyway i got a camera last year. Its a canon EOS rebel T5ip. What settings must i do to get pictures like these i.s particles in motion and good capture .


    1. Abeer says:

      Hi faiza… thankyou for your appreciation. For capturing things in motion, use a very high shutter speed like 1/1000s. For that you will have to increase your ISO and compromise a bit on picture quality.


  3. Sameen says:

    Hello abeer. ..u don’t know me but I come across ur posts quite often coz you are friend of some of my friends :). I also have two boys…same size as urz. This is the busiest time of my life and all the time I am going nuts with the kids. Whenever I see ur posts I feel like how could someone be so creative and constructive with such small kids. Kudos to ur efforts MashAllah. Plz share ur secret of keeping urself calm and doing all the amazing stuff with kids.
    Stay same forever so that there could be a motivation for mothers like me. May u always succeed in all ur efforts. Ameen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      Hi Sameen. Thankyou so much for your comment. You can imagine how much it means to me as you are in the same boat as me. I just get this time of night for myself after being with kids whole day so felt good to hear from you. 🙂 There is no secret, i try to do these activities so that our life doesn’t become monotonous. Trust me its an escape from the mayhem of life with kids. it makes me happy and more motivated and passionate about raising my kids right and giving them different experiences. cause thats what life is all about, no? not the daily grind of life. Try to push yourself a little bit, when you are done with the chores, do one fun little thing for yourself and the kids and you will see the difference. Love to your kids. hope to hear back from you on my blog. xx


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