It’s a smile, it’s a kiss – it’s summertime!

Summer — the time for ice lollies and showers in the backyard, the time of slow days and long naps and lemonade breaks, the time to share silly family stories over mangoes, the time to run around wild all day with no rush to be somewhere else, cycling along the neighbourhood streets, swinging in the parks, making new friends and laughing silly with them. Also splish splashing in the porch all day. When we find a pool, perfect. Otherwise making do with a few yards of water pipes, a tub and unlimited supply of giggles and mischief. And just like that, our dose of happiness right there and then.

Since the weather has turned the heat knob to its fullest, the scorching temperatures in this part of the country makes one want to spend all his time in some kind of pool or water area. The boys have a pretty awesome pool now but before they did, we emptied the porch of its cars, connected a couple of pipes and pretty much went crazy with the water fun for a few hours, haha. Try as I might I cant put it down in words but I CAN show you lots and lots of photos. Bear with me, as shortlisting is not my forte and each photo is as close to my heart as the next one 🙂21345678910111314151617181920212223252626-1

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Till next time. xx

PS, tips for photographing kids and little astronauts.

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