Androon Lahore


Lahore is known as the ‘Paris of the East’ for a reason. It has a glorious past. If you walk around the narrow lanes of the ‘Walled City’ or ‘Androon Shehr’ of Lahore, it is not difficult to envision the majestic splendor of a long gone era. Each tower speaks of the city’s glorious past, and each stone and brick tells its own story.  As history dictates, the city of Lahore was fortified by a thick wall and formidable gates during the Mughal era. The gates would remain open during the day, and close during evening- to keep invading forces out.

A few months ago, we set out to explore some parts of the Androon Lahore (Walled City). The most popular sites in the area are ofcourse Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qilla and Minar-e-Pakistan. Which we had been to many times in the past. So this time we made our way through narrow, winding, colorful streets to this stunning piece of architecture –Wazir Khan Mosque. Rightly described as the ‘mole on the cheek of lahore’ 🙂

Entering the Walled City through the Delhi gate leads to the spectacular Wazir Khan Mosque. This beautiful structure was built in seven years during the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan’s rule. It is known for its colourful, exquisite exterior made of cut and dressed brick, decorated with glazed tile mosaics. The presence of Persian art and colourful ceramics makes this a unique piece of Mughal architecture, otherwise known for its use of red brick and marble.  

A few photos below of the mosque’s grandeur, which my lens could only go so far at capturing.513101215249216The colors and tilework was breathtaking!14Was blown away by the richness of colors!28233430The wear n tear in this photo, gives so much character to the structure.3231

We couldn’t pass the opportunity to visit the Gawalmandi food street after coming this far. Cuckoo’s being a popular tourist spot for dinner and the view. A few photos. IMG_0054IMG_9893IMG_0043IMG_9918IMG_9983IMG_9906IMG_9912IMG_9907

Till next time. xxx

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