Tips and tricks for photographing kids

My photos are mostly reflective of my home; it’s here that I spend most of my days – mothering, homemaking, working. Photography became a passion for me after my first baby came to this world. And now I am so absorbed in it that when I look at a moment happening, I start imagining the photo it will become. Am not a professional photographer by any aspect but over the years I have taken over a million photos of my kids which are to-date my most priced possessions. Taking photos of my boys is really important to me cause I shiver a little thinking about the time when they will be all grown up, so I take loads of photos and try to preserve these moments as best as I know. I consider myself a photography enthusiast and I have got a few tricks up my sleeve on capturing little ones that I would like to share with you all. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIMG_8662

Start with your camera: whatever camera you have is the best, just remember that it’s not the camera that creates the image, it’s your eyes and the imagination. in many circumstances, its a  bit troublesome to get hold of the actual camera but don’t let that stop you from capturing the moment. use your iPhone (i use iPhone but i am sure other brands are equally good or even better). iPhone photos are making the cover of magazines now. When taken intelligently, iPhone photos will surprise you later. But with iPhone photos, a good editing software will be your best friend to tweak the highlights and shadows and lift up the colours a bit.Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Natural Light: I cannot stress enough what a good splash of filtered natural light can do to your photos. Specially with little kids who are most of the times a blur of motion sprinting from one place to another. Natural light will help you control that blur and make your photos more crisp. And for that purpose, know the light in your home. Experiment with the light at different times of the day, at different spots around the house and see what works best for you. FInding good natural light is the key.IMG_0478

Golden Hour for outdoor photos: We all take our kids to the park in the evening. Personally, I love taking that opportunity to take some photos. I plan it so its the golden hour which is full of warm and magical light. And kids are always in their element in outdoors, being their goofy self. So you don’t need to do much for some great photos. Just observe and follow and let them be! Wait for the right moment and snap away. Don’t underestimate the small moments, the ones where your kids are just being a kid.IMG_5666springazaan

Take backlit photos once in a while and see the magic: You don’t always have to compose your photos so the light falls on your subject. Experiment with light at the back and find your groove. Some of my most favourite photos are backlit photos 🙂IMG_0816IMG_3124

Composition: Get creative with composing photos. Get down to their eye level and then shoot. Or shoot from above like a top view. Or from all the way down while lying on your back. Whatever gets the perfect shot 😉 Know how to choose between different positions by practicing a lot. One of the easiest ways to pump up the impact of your photos is by getting really close to your subject. A very close photo can even show more than real life. All sorts of details come to the surface in close-ups that you’d totally miss with your ‘normal’ eye.IMG_4318IMG_7362

Props and toys: Give them something to look at and interact with. It could be their favourite toy, or some confetti or balloons, or a large size hat or glasses. Be funky. Be creative.IMG_7701

Let them have fun: Probably the most important tip. Happy kids make great photos. Even after having the perfect light, angle, props if your child isn’t happy or excited or involved, the point is lost. Let them get goofy. Make silly faces to get them going. Let them jump on the bed or dance as frantically as they want. Jumping and dancing make for great fun photos when taken with a higher shutter speed 😉 (Just like throwing them in the air makes for the most amazing shots!)IMG_2123IMG_4569

Get in those frames every once in  a while: Or ask someone to take your photos with them while you are playing, hugging, loving or being silly together. You will be so pleased with yourself later that you did.Lightroom exports23

When nothing seems to be working in your favour, good old front-cam selfies are the best way to go 😛

Remember the best photos are always the imperfect ones.

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  1. Asra says:

    I have always been a fan of your writing n photography. So glad u started this. Great article! Keep them coming.xx

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  2. saadzc says:

    Thanks For the tips il try remember if my mommy brain lets me! I just started blogging recently too if you wanna check it out I’m a mum to 3 kids and I can relate to ur post. I’m British Pakistani living in America trying to raise my kids and yes it’s hard but very rewards. Love to read more you have done a great job 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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