Oh my Mommy Heart !

I feel happier and most fulfilled during my chaotic days as a mother than i ever have. with a baby tugging on my shirt, and another constantly chattering away and wanting my attention. usually surrounded by a mess of mismatched toys and ALWAYS running late. but i love it. even when they drive me crazy, i love it. even when the never-ending ping pong between the two of them makes me utterly exhausted, i just want to squeeze them and love on them so terribly. even on the days when i struggle to maintain this mommy juggle and on those nights where i hardly get to sleep for 30 mins at a stretch (God bless you Azaan!), i feel most confident and like myself when i am with them.

Cause i am among the fortunate ones who have done the adventures and have seen the world, mounted the pyramids and cruised the bosphorus, 9 to 5s and all-night partying with friends, but for me, the joy of motherhood is unmatchable, can’t help but thank Almighty all the time for giving me this chapter of life that i know can’t ever be topped.

Was going through last year’s pictures and just looking at these faces did something to me and i just had to write it out.


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