Motherhood is ..

(Starting this blog with the name of Allah)

It only seemed appropriate that i start with blog with a few words on motherhood. I could write books when it comes to it but i guess a couple of paras for now should be fine.

Motherhood is cuddling, squeezing and smooching at every chance possible. Motherhood is waking up a little too early and going to bed a little too late… Not to mention the countless wake ups in between. Motherhood is a monster bag filled with diapers, wipes, snacks and toys. Motherhood is the worry, anxiety and stress about every cough, sniffle and sneeze. Motherhood is questioning yourself about every decision, big or small. Is he eating right? is he sleeping enough?
Motherhood is absolutely and undeniably hard. So hard that some days end in tears, some mornings also start with tears. But there are so many more good days than bad, and many more wonderful moments than the frustrating ones. So just know mother, that you are not alone. That there are one bazillion other mothers doing exactly what you are doing. Questioning and worrying, but loving and cherishing every single, tiny little detail. Because that is motherhood. And it is oh, so wonderful.

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